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Get healthy beef jerky, delivered monthly.

  • - Unique flavors of jerky you won't find anywhere else.
  • - Portioned into individual-sized bags for convenient snacking.
  • - Healthy jerky that fits most diets, including paleo, keto, & low carb.

Sumo Jerky is a subscription box for jerky lovers.
Top-rated artisan jerky chefs send you surprise flavors of jerky, once a month.

Jerky Box

How it works

Step 1
Sign up today in less than one minute.
Step 2
We ship your jerky box on the 20th.
Step 3
Check your mail, then eat some delicious jerky.

Peek Inside

Here is some of the jerky we've sent our members

Jerk N Pickle
Chef David Yosso
Angus beef
House-brewed marinades
Local fresh ingredients
No sugar
No added preservatives
Dried and True
Chef Matt Lauster
USDA beef
Hand crafted
Less than 5g sugar per serving
No artificial flavors or colors
No nitrates no MSG
Chef Jacob Piercy
Select, butcher cuts
Handmixed ingredients
Tender, 5-star rated
No corn syrup
Jonty Jacobs
Chef Monique St. Luce
South Africa-style biltong
Grass-fed beef
Tender cuts
No chemicals or additives
No nitrites
Sweet Meat
Chef George Livingston
Grass-fed, organic beef
Organic herbs & spices
All natural, no preservatives
Funded via Kickstarter

60 Day Guilt Free Guarantee

If you aren't completely satisfied with Sumo Jerky, you can cancel your membership and get a refund anytime in the first 60 days.

60 Day Guarantee

What Our Members Say

Customer Jake Kring
Amazing! This month's Orange Ginger flavor was off the hook."

Jake Kring
Oakland, CA

Customer Katie Letourneau
I was so stoked to get jerky with pineapple!!! It was an awesome twist on just regular jerky :)"

Katie Letourneau
Edmonton, AB

Customer Bruno Azenha
The Peppered jerky was delicious! I loved how you could actually see the pepper seeds and enjoy all of their flavor! Great jerky experience made true by Sumo Jerky!"

Bruno Azenha
Brooklyn, NY

Customer Aaron White
This month's biltong jerky was really great...lovin it."

Aaron White
Boston, MA

Customer Mike Burke
Really glad I signed up, especially if the brands turn out to be anywhere near as good as this month. The Chile Limon is up there as one of the best flavors I've ever tried."

Mike Burke
Kingwood, TX

Customer Patrice Perkins
That chile-lime jerky was UN-believably delish, fresh and chewy. Big time YUM. The other two flavs were good too (orig and peppered) and if I hadn't tasted the chile-lime first, they would have been my favs first."

Patrice Perkins
Schenectady, NY

Customer Nike Halink
I liked the peppered jerky the best, the pepper taste was there but subtle enough for me to like it. The original was tasty too, packed with flavour and a bit sweet!"

Niko Halink
Rotterdam Area, Netherlands

Customer Dan Russell
Thanks for giving a decent amount in each package - it's MUCH appreciated!

Dan Russell
Englewood, NJ

Customer Ben Baker
I make jerky at home quite a bit and have experimented with habaneros from my garden, but this was quite a bit better than mine, haha."

Ben Baker
Kitchener, ON

Customer Noah Levin
Fantastic Jerky - I really liked how it wasn't just beef jerky this month. My favorite was the Turkey Jerky, as it was lean and had a nice flavour."

Noah Levin
Toronto, ON

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Top Questions

  1. Can I cancel anytime? Yes, you can cancel anytime by contacting us.
  2. How much jerky is in each bag? You'll receive individual-sized bags with 2-3 servings in a bag.
  3. How many bags will I get? The number of bags in your box will vary because we work with a different jerky maker each month. Pick the plan that best represents how often you eat jerky and we'll customize the number of bags accordingly.
  4. Can you accommodate my diet? We seek out jerky that is low sugar, gluten free, and preservative free so that it's a good fit for those on the Paleo diet, keto diet, and slow carb diet. However, we can't guarantee that every flavor we send will fit your diet.
  5. Nutrition Facts What's the nutritional information on the jerky? Here's a nutritional panel from a recent delivery that's representative of the kind of healthy jerky we send out. In general, the jerky we send is high protein, low fat, and low sugar:
  6. Can you ship international? Yes, we deliver to customers in US, Canada, Mexico, & Europe.
  7. What if I move or need to change my address? You can update your address by contacting us.
  8. What flavors of jerky will I get? The flavors change each month because we work with a different artisan jerky maker each month. Some flavors we've sent out so far include: Original, Teriyaki, Smoked Black Pepper, Sichuan Ginger, Thai Chili, Korean BBQ, Spicy Turkey, Sweet n Spicy, Green Chile, etc.
  1. What types of jerky will I get? We send mostly beef jerky, but will occassionally send out a turkey jerky or wild game jerky.
  2. When does the jerky arrive? Orders placed by the 16th will ship on the 20th of the month and arrive in your mailbox or at your doorstep a few days later.
  3. Can I pick my own flavors? We do accept requests, but ultimately, we handle the flavor selections each month by working closely with the jerky maker.
  4. What forms of payment do you accept? All major credit cards are accepted and are securely processed via Stripe.
  5. How does billing work? Your credit card is autobilled once a month on your sign up date. We use Stripe for secure payment processing.
  6. Where is Sumo Jerky located? We're in Austin, TX. Your monthly artisan jerky makers are located in different towns in the US.
  7. How did Sumo Jerky get started? You can read our founding story here.
  8. Is the jerky spicy? Is the jerky tender? Is the jerky sweet? We send out different kinds of jerky every month. Some are mild, some are spicy. Some are firm and some have a more tender texture. We mix it up.
  9. Can I buy it as a gift? Yes, please enter the gift recipient's name & shipping address when you enter the shipping information on the sign up form.
  10. How do I sign up? You can sign up here.

Have another question or comment? Send it to us at and we’ll respond as fast as possible.

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