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Ryan Luedecke
CEO, SumoJerky

Hi there! Ryan Luedecke here from SumoJerky. We've been working hard to perfect our members-only gourmet jerky club and are excited to invite you to try it. You'll get to try different styles and flavors of top-rated beef jerky from the US. Join me and 3,500+ other jerky lovers by signing up to get your first box of jerky delivered.

Some examples of our top-rated beef jerky makers
SumoJerky sends you gourmet beef jerky that's hard to find anywhere else.
Jerk n Pickle
Jerk N Pickle
Belmont, CA
Thin sliced jerky made from Angus beef, house-brewed marinades, and local fresh ingredients.
Sweet Meat Beef Jerky
Sweet Meat
Nashville, TN
Tender grass-fed, organic beef seasoned with organic herbs and spices
Grandpa's Jerky
Fishers, IN
Select butcher cuts with handmixed ingredients like fresh blueberry and habanero.
Jonty Jacobs biltong
Jonty Jacobs
New York, NY
South Africa-style cured meat that's tender like filet mignon.
Dried and True Beef Jerky
Dried and True
Venice Beach, CA
Handcrafted all natural jerky featuring unique flavors like Chile Limon.
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Customer Photo
Dan Russell
Englewood, NJ
Thanks for giving a decent amount in each package - it's MUCH appreciated!"
Customer Photo
Scott Swedberg
Chicago, IL
I ate the first bag of Sriracha jerky in one sitting...I couldn't stop. Delicious."
Customer Photo
Katie Letourneau
Edmonton, AB
I was so stoked to get jerky with pineapple! It was an awesome twist."